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fabcic covered buttons

DIY fabric-covered buttons

Making fabric-covered buttons for upholstery or sewing projects is easy! You don’t need expensive tools to do it. There are pre-made buttons that you can upholster yourself and this tutorial I will show you how to do that!

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Installing a DIY lapmp - mounting the holder and the lightbulbs,.

DIY dining room lamp

A nice lamp ant the type of light can make a difference. This is what I designed and made for our dining room. A bit of research and online shopping,

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DIY Plastic Pouch

I had this idea for a while.  It’s such waste to use and throw away all these plastic containers. I reuse them as often as I can. Here is a

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diy palet seat

DIY pallet seat with wheels

When I planned to visit my sister in law and she asked me for help with upcycling a small pallet she had. Upcycling? No problem! I ordered all necessary materials

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sewn christmas tree decor

Christmas tree diy sewn decorations

I think my Christmas tree is a bit different, more traditional. I like thinking that it looks more like hundreds years ago when the tradition of decorating trees started and our great, great- grandmothers were making decorations themselves.

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Welcome to my creative blog!
gerta nestorowicz

Welcome!  I am Gerta – a creative, curious, restless,  multipotentialite who is slow-motion multitasking all her interests and passions. This blog is about crafts, DIY, design and applied art. I follow zero waste philosophy (at least I try! ) and share some ideas and creations here. 

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