Apple Croissants for weekend’s brekkie?

Apple Croissants for weekend’s brekkie?

Who doesn’t like a nice brekkie at the weekend? Something that marks this time as special and makes us feel like we receive a special treat. I do 🙂 I love that sweet smell of freshly baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee. But who wants to spend hours in the kitchen baking first thing on Saturday or Sunday morning? Not me. So I cheat a little bit. I bake, but to speed up the process, I use ready made rolled croissants pastry.  And here is a short video how to make croissants with apples.  Enjoy!

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Creative thinker, restless designer, multipotentialite juggling her passions.

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Welcome!  I am Gerta – a creative, curious, restless,  multipotentialite who is slow-motion multitasking all her interests and passions. This blog is about crafts, DIY, design and applied art. I follow zero waste philosophy (at least I try! ) and share some ideas and creations here. 

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