Some inspiration for those of you who are not great fans of plastic mass sold Christmas decorations. I like my Christmas tree different, more traditional. I like thinking that it looks more like hundreds years ago when the tradition of decorating trees started and our great grand- grandmothers were making decorations themselves. Well.. I have to admit that by their standards I probably cheated by allowing myself to use such technology advances as a sewing machine or an oven for baking my gingerbreads.. And  those of you who are wondering why am I decorating my Christmas tree so early- I have to disappoint you. I am not. The photos are from last year but I had not managed to publish them.  I am a firm believer of decorating my Christmas tree as late or as close to Christmas Eve as possible and celebrating it for as long as it last. Last year it was the end of January but I remember one year that we sadly got read of the tree in March.


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