I had this idea for a while.  It’s such waste to use and throw away all these plastic containers. I reuse them as often as I can. Here is a short video showing how you can make a plastic pouch out of used empty cream, shampoo or face wash tubes. It took me 20 minutes altogether – including washing and fixing these magnetic clasps. They are perfect for carrying small items like keys, earphones or even coins – I hate when all these things fly loose in my handbag!  If you don’t like the colour or design of the container, you can also spray it with multipurpose spray paint  (you might need a few layers of layers to cover the branding).


Here is a list of items you would need to make it (A shopping List)

Empty plastic tube or container which you obviously have 🙂 magnetic bag clasp Scissors Precision craft knife Cutting Matt   Enjoy Crafting!
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