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I had this old outdoor rug and that almost ended up in the skip. It had loads of stains from being stored outside, and we also used it as walk-in buffer rug during the renovations so had some paint stains. Basically – an old and ugly rug. Me being me – how could I throw it away? I figured – let’s paint it! It worked perfectly. It looks just neater and I am sure this painted rug will serve us another few seasons.


An old rug

I had an old IKEA rug, but you can also buy a plain colour rug online – for example here on amazon:

Masking tape

You will need it to make the pattern of your choice. I found the blue one to be much better than any other – durable, super sticky and more water prior (remember, your paint might be a bit watery). You can buy it here on Amazon:


Paint needs to be suitable for the type of rug you have. My rug was kind of a ‘fabric’ feel (as opposed to the plastic rugs that you might have). Having checked on IKEA website, this was 100% polypropylene. I used specials fabric paint for mine, but you can also use waterproof outdoor paints. The most important is to make sure that they are durable and waterproof. Here are some suggestions: Spray-paint multipurpose: Outdoor paint: It can also be used on wood, fabric (for that I suggest diluting it with water) and other garden substrates such as metal terracotta, brick and stone.

Paint Brushes:

Paintbrush or paint roller

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