I had some leftover fabrics from various projects – from curtains, chairs or maybe cushions – the scrap fabrics. I also had one piece of teal velvet fabric – the total width is 1.5m, and the length I had was about 1.20 m. It was not enough to cover the entire bed, so I started thinking about combining it with these scraps.

I did not want to make a patchwork. I planned to sew the stripes around the big velvet panel and combine them with colourful delicate piping. I wanted to sew these pieces together and create a bed cover that would match my already-have cushion covers. So I looked at the scraps I found, went to the bedroom, and tried how the combination would look on my bed. This way, I could decide what colours match my interior and in what order the scrap stripes would be sewn in. I was able to make quick adjustments. As for the liner layer – you can’t see it here, but I have sewn the velvet to the old, navy blue fabric from the duvet cover (one side of it). The colour was faded and washed out, but still perfect for the inner layer of my bedspread.

Velvet bedspread

 And here’s what I ended with. I absolutely love it. This bedspread is soft and radiant and a little fluffy. The little fluffy pompons at the rims are perfect – they seem a bit bulky but super soft, so even when lying on the bed, I don’t mind them.

I love it

velvet bed throw
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